Frequently Asked Questions

General (6)

With conventional software solutions it takes a lot of time to make adaptions in your budget and financing plan. You have to spend valuable time with...

  • typing data
  • currency conversions
  • creating new cost scenarios
  • checking formulas
  • touching up the formatting
  • checking totals
  • alignments with your financial accounting
  • data updates

With LineProducer it takes only a few clicks to carry out all these operations. This will save you valuable hours and even days or weeks in case of long-term projects. The investment in LineProducer already pays off if you only save three hours per month.

Operating errors known from Excel (subsequently added lines are not taken into account) can be ruled out. The transparency of LineProducer helps you not to overlook important information. Even under time pressure you will work with pinpoint accuracy and will be able to make the right decisions.

With LineProducer you can present your projects very clearly, which will give you valuable support for your decisions.

A LineProducer Windows version is planned for an indefinite date.
Yes. Theoretically, LineProducer works with every other program, which can depict data in .csv or Excel formats. Data transfers can be carried out manually. By request, we can adapt the software to make automatic transfers possible.
Currently, LineProducer comes in the system languages English and German. Additional language versions are being planned. Nevertheless, you can depict your cost items in every other language. Please consult the chapter Languages in the user manual.
Make regular backups of your project data. You can protect yourself from operating errors by regularly saving duplicates of your project file. LineProducer offers several functions (e.g. archiving, Excel export), which provide you with durable backup copies.
Pricing/Licensing (6)
Please consult the chapter License Activation in the user manual.
You can find your license information anytime in your customer account at Licenses.
Once you have deactivated the key on your computer, you can use it to activate (LineProducer on) another computer. You can use the same key to activate LineProducer on two computers, except you have a LineProducer Essential license.
Yes. You can always open your projects and look at the data. After a license break it only takes one click and you can continue your active work process.

Make an Excel export before your license period runs out in order to make small adjustments to your project without a valid LineProducer license. This way you will have no additional costs.

Our goal is to offer a simple rental modell, that's why we offer only a 12 month period. Within this period your license can not be interrupted.

Content related questions (5)
All projects which have so far been produced with LineProducer have been accepted. Generally, the (e.g. printed) data and not the software are relevant for the acceptance of a budget or a financing plan.
LineProducer is very flexible and enables you to create virtually any template yourself. In case your financing partners insist on Excel files, you can easily make an Excel export with LineProducer.
Yes. First you have to create a regional effect in your project settings and assign it to a cost item. Select the item and create a tag with the additional effect.
You can either do this in the markups-area in percent or, alternatively, as a duplicated item in the (x-) factor column.
Technical questions (4)
Please contact us over the feedback function in the help menu or send us an email, in case LineProducer quits unexpectedly or in case you discover technical flaws.
LineProducer works with Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.
If you want to import all data from an Excel file, you have to arrange them in a specific way. Please consult the guide to fill of the LineProducer Excel sheet.
Please check if the data have been transferred to the LineProducer Excel sheet according to the standardized procedure.