ITA Media specializes in deploying the latest of Information Technologies to develop state of the art business solutions for media companies. We offer project based consulting to our clients. We offer a thorough yet efficient approach to respond to our clients needs for developing IT solutions, web and desktop applications.

We import your budgets from other applications into LineProducer

Set up your budget in Excel, Movie Magic or any other software. After your budget is confirmed, send us your file and we import it into LineProducer. Now you can complete your planning with our financing and cash flow tool. All changes in the budget and the financing plan are automatically transferred in the cash flow plan.

    Corporate Solutions

    We develop custom made solutions based on LineProducer, such as financial accounting or a server based LineProducer version with an optional web interface.

    Financial Accounting

    We generate an interface to your financial accounting for efficient controlling. Import your accounting data with one click into your budget and compare the two versions immediately. This guarantees a smooth transfer of data, enables you to access your data quickly and to react quickly to running financial processes. In order to fulfill special requirements, the LineProducer Excel Sheet can be adapted to any system and controlling software.

    Client/Server Architecture

    With this version, several partners can work simultaneously on a budget, no matter where they are. International cooperations no longer depend on tedious data transfers and email correspondence. Your project data cannot only be saved on your hard disc but also on your server, if desired. All LineProducer-users can get an insight into your budget in case you authorize them. Our Client-Server-System allows you to give different access rights to different project partners. Should you decide to grant edit privileges you can monitor all changes. Later you always know who made which changes and when.

LineProducer In-house Training

ITA Media can present our public seminars exclusively to your organisation. We also have a portfolio of film financing seminars that we currently do not present publicly but which can be presented on an in-house basis. If you need more information on seminars or inhouse trainings, please do let us know and we should be able to help you.

Our main topics are:
  • IT based project management - designed for media companies
  • Film financing and budgeting for international co-productions
  • Budget controlling and cost reporting