Duplicate Budgets / Versions

Duplicate your budget and create a new versions.

Display, modify and compare different stages of our project. Create as many versions of one budget without changing the original numbers.
The versioning window can be opened either by clicking "Versions" in the toolbar or with the shortcut Command + 5. On the left side you find the list with your budget versions. On the right side you find the details of the selected version. Click on "Duplicate Versions" to create a copy of the selected budget. This copy can be changed as required. Select the version and click on the "-" button to delete a version. Note that locked versions and versions which are currently being edited cannot be deleted. In order to lock a version you have to select it first in the versioning window. Then click on "Lock". A locked version can neither be changed nor deleted. Once more than one version has been created, an additional versioning bar appears in the project. With this bar you can switch between the existing versions. You can also do this with the versioning manager. Changes you make in the current version have no effect on other versions.
Using the version manager you can easily create a budget for your co-producer, compare your confirmed with your working budget or create a different scenario of your project.