Export to PDF

 Export your project as a PDF document.To export your budget as PDF document for your clients or partners, click on the „Export“ button in the toolbar. Alternatively you can click in the menu on „File“ > „Import/Export“ > „Export Budget“.In "PDF" you can select the information you want included in your export.You can decide whether to export the entire project, the currently filtered project or any other filter. You can also define which optional data shall be displayed in the PDF document. Select the checkboxes for cover sheet, budget, financing, tags, grants, people, staff, markups and quotas. In addition, you can choose up to which level you want to show the group totals. Select "1" and only the totals of the categories are exported. You can also add an additional comparison column using a filter, which contains the positions' sums, filtered by the chosen filter. In addition, you can attach notes, tags and spend, markups and fringes. In the PDF options you can add further sheets. As well you have the option, to add grants, tags, co-producer parts or any other desired information in up to 4 additional columns to compare numbers directly (please see the section „Multi Column Export“).