Group Levels

 Manage your budget positions with up to 10 group levels in order to work precise and transparent.Within a category you can combine several items into groups. To create a group you click on the button "Add group" or the keys CMD+G on your keyboard. Items can then be dragged into the group. With the "+" button or the keys CMD+Shift+N you can create new items within a group. If you add a new group it contains all selected items. Groups can be nested within each other by creating a new group within an existing group or by dragging a group into another group. As well you can drag items or groups and drop them into another group.Example: In a feature film one big part of the budget is estimated for the art department. To keep the overview in the category „Art Department“ you can work with interlaced Groups. Inside the category you can create a group called „Exterior Facilities“, inside this group, you can create another group named „Cars“. Inside this group you can create groups called „Historical Cars“ and „Modern Cars“. Inside those groups you can arrange the cars by colors etc. With this flexible structure you can arrange your budget clearly and precisely. Exporting your budget you can define the exported group levels to hide levels thereunder.