Cash Flow

Cash Flow

Cash Flow Plan

With help of the cash flow module you are able to assign positions from your calculation or financing plan to a time line. All changes done to the amounts or time periods are automatically updated in the cash flow plan. Using the installment scheme you can split amounts in individual rates and add them separately to your cash flow plan. Create your cash flow plan quickly and easily and be always up to date about the liquidity of your project.

Cash Flow Processes

A cash flow process defines a specific period of time in your project (i.e. prep, shoot, wrap etc.). The processes can be set individually as you desire. By assigning one or more amounts to a process, changes can be displayed immediately to allow you to react promptly to them.

Cash Flow Rules

The cash flow rules stand for an interval in which payments are to be made. Using these individual settings you control the cash flow of one or more items precisely.