Project Wizard

International Templates

LineProducer comes with approved, international standard templates of film funding bodies, networks and associations. The templates come in several languages. All common terms have been translated. New terms can be added at any time. LineProducer can be operated in every possible language. You‘ll find the right budgeting template for every production type. The templates can be freely adapted via drag & drop. As opposed to other budgeting software solutions, LineProducer enables you to select all categories and parameters yourself. You can structure your budget in the most flexible way. Add new categories and delete those you no longer need for your project. You can present your budget with the American and the European model. Supplement your budget with any number of fringes. This makes LineProducer the perfect solution for every possible media-project.

Working with Different Currencies

Dealing with different currencies can be a major source for errors in international projects. Currency fluctuations and currency conversions can cost you time and money. So far there was no budgeting software that lets you manage and control multiple currencies. With the LineProducer currency tool you can budget with any number of currencies and convert them with a click. You always work with the current exchange rate.

Additional Costs

Fringes, extra hours, VAT, buyouts and agency provisions can be laid out for different countries and can be grouped freely and individually. A defined group can be applied to a cost item with a click.