Financing Plan

With our financing-module you can plan and display even very complex co-productions. Should your financing be composed of multiple sources, LineProducer helps you to create financing plans. You can establish and administrate cash investments, outside funds and subsidies. Convince sponsors and networks by presenting your financing in a transparent way. LineProducer helps you establish all relevant key-figures. Detailed cost items can be assigned to a specific producer and aligned with his financial contribution.

Identify and Depict Coherences

With the media market in constant transition, the financing market changes as well. Projects are brought into being with help of all too different recoupment scenarios and multiple sources of financing. The requirements of individual financiers might require that certain costs and cost groups be compared to your financial contribution. Depending on the source of finance or the partner of your coproduction, LineProducer‘s tagging-system guarantees ideal assignments and a simple, visual evaluation. Coherences between costs, individual producers and financiers can be depicted fast and clearly.


Nowadays, Co-Productions are part of the (a producer‘s) everyday life. LineProducer breaks down your financial sources in a practical and easy way. Our transparency makes it much easier for coproducers to work together and save time. Our multilingual and multi-currency-concept supports the production of your projects.