Interfaces and Export

Easy Data Exchange with the Excel-Interface

Excel Interface

Swap ideas and information with external service providers, departments and coproducers. Import and export your data via Excel; including all formulas, fringes, currencies and additional costs. Benefit from the LineProducer Excel-Sheet and import any type of external budget into the software. Currencies, extra charges, fringes and all subtotals will be transfered.

Film productions are collaborative processes. That‘s why a product management software has to be compatible with all established operating systems. LineProducer offers this universal interplay via the Excel interface. Export your LineProducer project into the included Excel-Sheet, transfer it to you project partners and simply re-import the changed, extended file. Internal and external sub-budgets flow into your overall budget.

Multi column export as PDF

LineProducer gives you the opportunity to export your budget with up to four additional compare columns exporting as a PDF document. In this way you can show any desired numbers in the columns to compare and relate it to the total budget, i.e.: Co-Producer shares, grants or free defined categories.