Project Management

Intelligent Document Management


Up until now there was no digital project management system with an integrated cost and financing module. LineProducer puts important data into the right order and helps you to deal with it in a creative way. Per drag & drop you attach your emails, offers and documents to the relevant cost items. Add additional notes, key words or your own criteria to quickly find the necessary information. One click gives you access to all attachments. After finishing your project you can archive all relevant information and gather emails, notes, pdfs, offers, contracts an addresses in one program folder. Instead of mountains of files you will need just one USB-stick. That‘s project management for the 21st century.

Tagging System - Make your Software Intelligent


Our tagging-system is unique throughout the industry. It enables you to enrich the software with all your knowhow and to structure and analyze your budgets according to your needs. Use LineProducer as an easy to use controlling tool. Tags are additional pieces of information which make your budget intelligent . By marking certain cost items with tags, you can always assign your costs to the right partners, funding institutions or countries. With one click you can filter your budget according to specific information. For example this system helps you to show the subtotals of all invoices or all costs arising at a specific location. All criteria can be combined freely. E.g. you can also show all costs of a coproducer, which are afflicted with a regional incentive.

Creative Financing and Cost Scenarios

LineProducer enables producers to commit themselves to a project with all their creativity. No complicated links and formulas are necessary in order to depict the connections and dependencies between budgets and financing. In just a few clicks you can put new constellations into practice and identify the whole financial potential of your project.



By entering variables you can change the basic production factors and the framework (shooting time, shooting ratio etc) at any time. The results of alternative cost scenarios (e.g. new recording format, international instead of domestic shooting) can be easily anticipated. The impact of current developments on the entire project become visible in every detail.


In order to fulfill all the requirements of different project, your software has to be extremely flexible. With LineProducer you can assemble groups out of individual cost-items and arrange and depict them in up to 9 levels. It‘s no longer necessary to click through these levels one by one. You always have full overview of all cost groups. LineProducer offers a much greater transparency than comparable software solutions.


Rate Book

LineProducer's rate-book is very helpful because it comes with current and official rates for equipment and staff. Simply drag the list-prices into your budget. In case of recurring cost-scenarios you can compose your individual price-packages and save them as templates. Add individual entries to the standard price-lists and create your own database. We update all official price-lists on a regular basis.