User Friendliness

Designed for Transparency

LineProducer Interface

In case you work with budgets on a daily basis you will definitely appreciate the attractive appearance of the software. The user interface was designed to allow intuitive, simple operations. You always have full visual control and capture your budget to the last detail. Line Producer integrates seamlessly into the design of Mac OS X. The focus is always on the user. You don‘t have to adjust to the software, the software adjusts to your needs. You work with a carefully designed program that provides all information with a mouse click. With Line Producer budgeting is fun.

Time Management

Time is money, which makes time the most important resource for every project. With LineProducer you save a lot of time, which saves your production a lot of money. With our software a producer can concentrate on his job without having to worry about strenuous formula checkups and re-formating. Typing out data, data updates and difficult-to-use controls are a thing of the past. LineProducer will be profitable for your production company in any event: it helps you to save time and to avoid operating errors.

Easy Data Transfer

In the old days it was necessary to transfer most external data per hand. With the LineProducer Excel Sheet they can be copied and pasted directly into your budget. In order to do so you don‘t need to make any complicated changes or adjustments. Within the program you can use drag and drop to move your data back and forth between the different budgets and modules.

Present your Budget

Convince and impress your partners with a clearly structured budget. The visualized project overview makes your project assessable at a glance, even for outsiders. You can visualize details and coherences with a click. LineProducer supports your decisions in difficult budget negotiations.

Present your Budget

Clear Perspectives

Even with thousands of cost-items LineProducer never lets you lose track of your budget. You always have clarity about where you are in your navigation. Line Producer is the first budgeting software, which not only shows a simple financial status, but realistically reflects the process character of your entire project in full detail. The clear layout of the user interface always reminds you where your budget started, where you currently stand and what options you have left.

Learning by Doing

Within a short time you will be able to profit from all the functions offered in LineProducer. Watch our video tutorials to learn the software in the quickest possible way. LineProducer is fun and invites you to explore new paths. The software is suitable for newcomers, professionals and users of different software solutions.

Easy Registration

To become a customer you register online to safely and comfortably receive your license code. LineProducer is an extremely slim software and doesn‘t require a complicated installation process.