Version Manager


Versions and Comparison

The usual software solutions can add up sums but cannot show the calculation process and the ever mobile connections between budget, funding and controlling. With LineProducer you can versionize your budgets for coproducers, broadcasters and funding institutions with a simple click. Budgets, which have already been submitted, can be blocked for further editing. You no longer need to number or date your different intermediate results per hand. Our version tool gives you maximum control over the possible consequences of unpredictable events. It allows you to quickly intervene and restructure. After all, your budget is not just a snapshot but an ongoing process.


With LineProducer you run a low risk of producing operating errors, even when several partners work on a file and in case of complicated financing constellations. LineProducer helps you to anticipate and to work reliably and accurately.

Projekt Inspektor

Cost Control

The visual project overview helps you to identify the problematic areas of your budget. With our accounting control you always keep track of the current status of your budget and your financing. The cost report tool helps you keep an overview of the running costs and the expected costs. With LineProducer you can enter your receipts yourself, so you‘re always in the picture before you get the current figures from your accounting department. Your personal project inspector informs you at any time about the anticipated profit, about overheads and qoutas. If you wish you can also adapt your inspector to your personal key-figures. With LineProducer you‘re always aware of all important developments. It helps you steer your production into the profit zone.

No Time Pressure

With LineProducer you can quickly draw up, analyze and reverse intermediate results and possible financing- and budgeting- scenarios. This will support you in taking the right decisions, even under time pressure and in extreme situations.