We demand a professional software solution for film financing!


In 2007, film scholars and international filmmakers have joined with a team of software developers in order to turn a vision into reality: to create a software, which actually places the users and their needs in the centre and simultaneously lives up to the highest international standards.

The lack of a professional software for international co-productions constituted the starting point for the development of LineProducer. Excel and other rather inflexible software solutions were no longer able to depict the desired information for different types of scenarios. With the existing range of software, film manufacturers had to invest a lot of extra time and money in order to undertake a production.

The idea for LineProducer was born in Babelsberg, one of the oldest film locations in the world. Since almost 100 years, film legends like Fritz Lang and Marlene Dietrich have worked here. Today, Babelsberg is an international film site of growing importance, which is displayed by the last productions of Quentin Tarantino, Roman Polanski and Roland Emmerich.